Zinc Plating

Many of the old bolts, washers and fixings are very serviceable, but have become rusty and lost much of their yellow chromate finish.   Based more on curiosity, I decided to give the plating and yellow chromate a go and have been pretty pleased so far with the results.  I got the kit from https://www.classic-plating.co.uk/ and have found their instructions and help along the way extremely valuable.  The kit isn’t expensive, but to buy new bolts as well as the various additional parts that will need plating (carb brackets, tank stay, swing arm rear axle adjuster plates, fan motor casing, etc.) it will pay for itself easily.

One thing to note though, is you can’t have enough buckets, if you want to turn it into a bit of a production line!

One thing I an trying to get to grips with is the black burning marks on some of the items.  The voltage/ampage as well as cleanliness of the plating bath are key, so some more work to do to get it right.