Deconstruction Gallery

Arrival Day

A very exciting day.  It arrived early in the morning and I was desperate to start her up, but 7.30am would have been too much for keeping peace with my neighbours.

First Inspection 

Initial view was that she needed a lot of TLC, from poor paint on the panels, to wheel powder coat lifting and general corrosion and marks across the board.  Initial observations are that this is all fixable, but will just take time.  Certainly a time warp machine.  Not quite a barnfind, but a shedfind.

Initial Strip Down

Having taken the panels off, it was clear that a reasonable oil leak had started.  parts had reasonable damage to them from war and tear, as well as major corrosion all over the bike, especially the engine.  Good news is that all of the panels are original factory parts and even though some of the pieces are carbon, these were on the list to be replaced, upgraded.  The tank looks good and I couldn’t see any corrosion inside, but may well get it lined to ensure it stays good.

The Strip Down Moves to the Electrics

Some damage to the rear under-tray was unexpected, but I am sure I can make that better.  again lots of surface corrosion and only minor modifications to the wiring, that can be rectified.  Carb inlet assembly in need to some rejuvenation too, but as it ran when it arrived, I am assuming it is only cleaning required.

Removing the Suspension

The MOT said that there was too much play in the bottom bearing on the rear shock, so luckily have found a NOS rear shock to replace it and new front forks too.

Inspecting the Tank

Many people worried me about the condition of 888 tanks, especially if they had been stored in damp conditions, or had slight water contamination.  I got the inspection scope out and was happy to see very clean and shiny insides of the tank.

The Frame is Free

Finally the Frame is out and ready to be worked on.