Refreshing the heart of the 888

This is one area I didn’t want to get wrong, so I engaged with Pete at Pro Twins in Godstone (Surrey), to take on the strip down and rebuild.  I also entrusted the recoating of the engine parts to Wesley, who runs Hi-Spec coatings, to get engine finishing completed using Cerakote.

Here are the images of the original condition of the engine with the stand from Thomas Hauge (really sturdy bit of kit and rotates the engine too).

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The engine was then stripped down by the Pro Twins team and they forward the attached photos to me.  The Clutch Pushrod was the most worrying part as the bearing had failed and was munching into the rod and trashing the clutch basket!

Wesley from Hi-Spec Coatings stripped back all of the parts and coated them with Cerakote, which should be extremely hard wearing and resistant to chemicals.

The team at ProTwins then put the heart of the 888 back together and a final flourish of the Agip Sticker.